Baseball Swing

A young baseball player always dream of becoming a great hitter and score homerun for his team. The best way to do it is practice swing for hours and days. Anyone cannot be perfect in one day; it needs hard work and a perfect technique to become a great hitter. If the basic technique of […]

The Wild Bunch

The Bandits are riding high with Josh “Air” Byrne scoring goals at a rate that should net him the Rookie of the Year Award. And after making a blockbuster trade for former league MVP Shawn Evans, Buffalo has gotten a Butch Cassidy to go with their Sundance Kid, and The Wild Bunch ( ) […]

Two Safeties Not Enough?

Over the weekend the Broncos signed Renaldo Hill and Brian Dawkins to contracts, and now apparently are in the mix to try and sign Ravens Safety, Jim Leonhard. Marvez had earlier reported that Leonhard had a verbal agreement in place with his Ex-Coach, Rex Ryan and the New York Jets. So, it seems the Broncos […]

MLB: Hamilton One Time is Fine

The MLB passed down information that scorned Angels outfielder Josh Hamilton will not face a suspension, stating that the “one-time” lapse in judgment does not change his rehab process. I consider this a massive error in judgment. Josh Hamilton will be rewarded this year’s full salary at an incredible $23 million, showing that the league […]


Yes, you’re right. Cheaters are cheaters and don’t deserve all time records. They shouldn’t have the accolades they do, but great hitters, are just great hitters. Alex Rodriguez, perhaps the greatest all around ball player to ever play just hit his 648 home run of his career. This puts him alone at 5th in home […]