Are the Broncos Sporting the Best NFL Offense?

BroncosFreaks Member SoTxBroncFan tackles this question in our second post on the BroncosFreak blog.

I wouldn’t have even considered this before the season. But with the emergence of Eddie Casino Royal, and the much improved play of the OLine this offense looks unstoppable right now.

Here’s my opinion of how the Broncos stack up to some of the better offenses in the league.

San Diego Chargers

QB – Edge to Denver. Though it’s closer to a push than I’d like to admit. Rivers is a good QB, he just doesn’t have the tools and cool that Jay has.

RB – Big Edge to SD. LT is a top 3 RB when healthy, and even with him hobbled right now It’s clear that Sproles is more than adequate when needed.

WRs – Huge edge to Denver. Marsh, Casino, and Stokely are far and away better than Chambers, VJax, and Buster Davis. Marshall could be the best WR in the league before the year is over.

TE – Edge to SD. But it’s much closer than most would think. Gates is still the man when fully healthy. Scheff closes the gap this year, and Graham is the best blocking TE in the league.

OLine – Push. Neither unit gives up many sacks, and both open plenty of holes to run through. Both good young lines.

Overall – Push. Just too close in too many areas. Both great offenses. And young.

Dallas Cowboys

QB – Push. Romo throws a great ball, and makes a lot of things happen with his feet. He’s been known to choke in December and the playoffs, but Jay hasn’t even been there yet so I won’t deduct too much from Romo.

RB – Huge edge to Dallas. Barber and Jones are the best thunder and lighting tandem in the league.

WR – Edge to Broncos. Marshall and TO are much closer to each other than most around the country would ever imagine. Marshall should never be called baby TO ever again. He’s just Brandon now. Royal, Stokely, and Jackson > Crayton, Austin, and ?. Broncos have more weapons.

TE – Edge to Cowboys. Witten is the best TE in the league.

Oline – Edge to Cowboys. They’ve been together longer, and dominate the trenches with their big bodies. Hard to get to Romo.

Overall – Edge to Cowboys. Witten and the Barion/Jones tandem give them the edge.

Indianapolis Colts

QB – Edge to Colts. Peyton is still Peyton. Give cutler 3 more years and he could be at that level.

RB – Push. Addai had a good first half last year, but hasn’t shown much of anything this yera. Broncos RBBC matches is his output.

WR – Push. Wayne is one of the best in the league. Gonzalez and Harrison (though he’s on his last legs) are pretty darn good. Marshall cancels out Wayne and the Stokely/Royal duo matches the colts 2/3 guys. Harrison 2 years ago and this isn’t even close.

TE – Edge to Broncos. Dallas Clark is a great TE, but he’s hurting right now and there isn’t much backing him up. Scheff matches his numbers this year, and they don’t have anyone that matches Graham’s blocking

Oline – Huge edge to Broncos right now. The Idny line is in shambles. Too many injuries.

Overall – Edge to Denver. Manning looked frazzled behind that line on Sunday. Cutler has been sacked once this year (and it wasn’t even a sack). Cutler with time runs a better offense than Manning behind that line.

Philadelphia Eagles

QB – Push. When Mcnabb is healthy like he is now, he’s a terrific QB. But Cutler is matching him in all categories, and doesn’t have the injury history.

RB – Huge edge to Eagles. Westbrook is out of this world good. Broncos RBBC can’t match all the things he can do.

WR – Huge edge to the Broncos right now. Eagles #1 and (maybe) #2 guys are hurting right now in Reggie Brown and Kevin Curtis. But even with those 2 guys healthy I’d give the Broncos a small edge. Marshall is head and shoulders above anyone the have. Royal is just as good a rookie prospect aas Desean.

TE – Edge to the Broncos. LJ Smith is a good pass catcher. But the Scheff/Graham duo gives the broncos the edge.

Oline – Push. Cowboys had Donovan running all night but that is a good pass rush defense. Eagles do have a good oline, but Andrews got hurt last night and he’s their best blocker. Edge to Broncos if Andrews isn’t healthy soon.

Overall – Push. Westbrook is that good.

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Updated: February 18, 2019 — 11:29 am

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