Baseball Swing

A young baseball player always dream of becoming a great hitter and score homerun for his team. The best way to do it is practice swing for hours and days.

Anyone cannot be perfect in one day; it needs hard work and a perfect technique to become a great hitter. If the basic technique of swing is sound enough you’re definitely going to succeed in batting department. If you have a good will power, desire and dedication to practice baseball swing you are bound to become a better hitter in future.

The next and important thing is the grip on baseball bat especially top rated bbcor bats and it depends on size of individual players’ hands. Hitting specially begins with your fingers though there are a number of key factors in practicing how to grip bat. First of all you must be comfortable and calm with the bat in your hands. Just be cool, as a relaxed grip on the bat allows you to react faster and your fingers will naturally tighten around the bat’s handle as you proceed to swing.

A good coach always asks the young players to grip the bat with middle knuckles roughly lined up and get the bat out of the palm and into the fingers for improved control. Another thing to watch is the gap between the gap handle and the spot between the thumb and index finger. Just practice the grip that you are comfortable with and go for it.

However a light grip always allows a player for quick baseball swing and best positive results. The bottom line is just keep your muscles loose and relaxed as the pitcher advances towards you to throw a ball.

The right and absolute swing techniques that dearly helps for better swing will be legs and shoulder being wide apart, hands with knuckles being lined-up little behind the right ear. Just move your hips slightly back, because the pitcher will give his starts in motion. Withal, remember to have light grip on the bat.

Anyway the grip has to allow a player to take natural swing and bat lag is the proper term in baseball to describe it. To add more as the hand comes forward the bat head which is trailing behind is thrashed by the wrists forward and produces incredible bat speed.

On the other hand bat drag has a negative effect on swing and is the most common problem for young hitters. It can be solved by using light bat with proper grip as stated, so just try and avoid bat drag as you get nothing out of it.

Finally, just remember to become a great hitter relaxed muscles will react quicker than tense muscles, and if you’re having a difficult time in sighting the fastball just choke up and stay relaxed. If you follow the basic technique the dream of hitting the homerun will come true.

Updated: August 19, 2022 — 2:57 pm

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