Tips and Advice for Fastpitch Softball Pitching

Fastpitch softball pitching is a difficult thing to do. While the ball is thrown underhand, many fastpitch softball pitchers can still throw it extremely fast. The key to being a standout fastpitch softball pitcher is to throw off the expectation of the person with the fastpitch softball bats.

Fastpitch softball tournaments are pretty much all won or lost on home plate while the pitcher is in control. With the use of the tips shown below about pitching, there will be very few fastpitch bats that can hit a pitcher’s pitch.

The location of one’s pitch is a great place to start when it comes to improving one’s softball pitching. While the fastpitch softball tournaments will have a number of skilled batters that have seen many different pitches and different styles of pitcher, the location of the pitch will give the pitcher the best chance at a strike.

The strike zone runs from the top of the batters shoulders down to his or her knees. If a pitcher can consistently throw balls in this zone, and in different locations within this zone, the batter will be caught off-guard and be more likely to strike out or hit the ball poorly and pop out.

The first pitch for every batter should be a strike if at all possible as this will give the pitcher an advantage while the batter is the least prepared to swing at the ball as he or she is yet to see a pitch up close this at bat.

While attacking the strike zone one will need to have two different weapons in his or her pitching arsenal to ensure that the batter will be unable to hit the ball. The first weapon is speed.

One of the best ways to ensure that a pitcher throws the ball at a high enough velocity will be to make sure the pitcher starts his or her pitch with his or her hand at the twelve o’clock position, basically straight up.

Starting the pitch here, and then windmilling down, while making sure the elbow stays tight to the body, and following through until the hip, will help the pitcher to build the most momentum before releasing the ball around the hip area.

The second weapon that a pitcher will want to work on is ball movement. Ball movement is mostly driven by the spin put on the ball as it is released. The spin can be manipulated by the way that one holds the ball and the way that he or snaps the wrist at the end of the release.

Many of these techniques are extremely difficult to master but the payoff will be fantastic once a person can perform the pitches with accuracy.

If a pitcher can accurately place the ball where he or she wants within the strike zone while doing so at high velocity, and with ball movement, then that pitcher will be virtually unhittable.

As the pressure of the game is also known to make it difficult for even the best pitchers to maintain their composure, pitchers should also remember that when it comes to fastpitch softball pitching, the pitcher controls the game and not anyone else.

Updated: April 26, 2022 — 2:49 pm

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